Hill Walking and Navigation

Snowdonia offers a fantastic environment for hill walking with some of the best to be found in the UK.  Whether you wish to be guided to some fantastic peaks or learn how to navigate the mountains yourself, North Wales Climbing can tailor a course to suit your needs.

Classic Hill Walks                                          (1:6 max)

Guided classic mountain hill walks that are tailored to your experience and aspirations.

(Please see Open Courses page for course dates) 

15 Peaks                                                                     (1:6 max)

The Welsh 3000s.  The 15 peaks that are over 3000ft in Snowdonia.  This can be completed in a day if you are fit and motivated, or over 2-5 days for more enjoyment.

(Private instruction only) 

Navigation Skills                                                      (1:6 max)   

Mountain navigation courses tailored to your ability and learning outcomes.  Whether you have no experience with a map and compass or wish to improve navigation skills you already have, we can tailor a course for your needs. 

(Please see Open Courses page for course dates) 

Mountain Skills                                               (1:6 max) 

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of summer hill walking.  An ML without the qualification!  This course will look at navigation, movement through steep ground, emergency rope work and much more.  If you wish to become a rounded and competent mountaineer but are not concerned about gaining a qualification, this is the course for you.  

(Please see Open Courses page for course dates) 

Mountain Leader (ML) Refresher                         (1:4 max)

If you are about to go for your MLTUK Mountain Leader Assessment but want to have a refresher of the skills required, then this course would be a good idea.  The course would look to cover the areas of weakness that we have identified and allow you to go into your assessment with confidence.

(Please see Open Courses page for course dates) 

Association of Mountaineering Instructors

Private instruction prices are per person / per day:

1:1          £160.00

1:2          £90.00

1:3 +       £70.00

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