Winter Mountaineering

Winter can transform the mountains into a magical place.  However with this transformation comes a new set challenges when moving around.  Our winter courses in Snowdonia or winter courses in Scotland aim to introduce you to this amazing environment as well as teach you the skills required to stay safe.  

Winter Hill Walking                                               (1:6 max)

Walk up some spectacular peaks and learn how to use crampons and a walking ice axe to facilitate your progress.  Also learn the added dangers that snow and ice can pose and how to predict and avoid them.

(Please see Open Courses page for course dates) 

Winter Skills courses                                            (1:6 max)

Learn all the skills required to be self sufficient in the winter mountains.  All the basics will be covered such as crampon and ice axe use and ice axe arrest.  Also winter navigation with map and compass and rope work will be taught along with snow shelter for emergencies.

(Please see Open Courses page for course dates) 

Introduction to winter mountaineering           (1:4 max)

If you have used crampons and and axe for walking but wish to tackle something a bit more adventurous then this is for you.  This course will involve venturing on to some steeper ground and ridges for guaranteed excitement all with the careful supervision of your instructor.

(Please see Open Courses page for course dates) 

Intermediate winter climber                             (1:2 max)

If you have climbed up to Grade II and wish to try something a bit harder.  Learn additional skills required to climb harder winter routes and ice climbs.  Perhaps have a go at leading an easier winter route as well.  This course will push your climbing as far as you wish to go.

(Private instruction only) 

Guided Classics                                                      (1:2 max)

If you aspire to climb a classic like Ledge Route, Tower Ridge, the ice climb Point 5 on Ben Nevis, or one of the many winter routes on the Black Ladders in North Wales then this is for you.    

(Private instruction only) 

Association of Mountaineering Instructors


Private instruction prices are per person / per day:

1:1          £160.00

1:2          £90.00

1:3 +       £70.00

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